The OBC Prayer Page


Prayer. We talk to God, and he listens. As Christians, it's not just our right to pray, it's our responsibility to pray. To us prayer should be like breathing - easier to do it than to not do it. At OBC we believe in the power of prayer. Even though we can't always be together in person as a church body, we can still pray together. As you prepare to pray each day, come to this page and pray for these specific needs listed here. If you or someone you love has a need, no matter how great or small, let us know and we will get it posted here. We also want to hear about your "Praise the Lord" moments, so if you have had a victory in Jesus - an answer to prayer, please let us know so we can thank God in a visible way! Email your prayer requests and answers to prayer to or call Pastor Dan directly and he will make sure that they get listed here.

Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord!