Come as You Are

Most of us lose our way several times in life’s journey especially when things don’t turn out as we think they should. It discourages us and lest we forget, our default setting is sin, doubt and defeat (look at David). That’s why our faith isn’t based on feelings or circumstances. Jesus himself said, “In this life YOU WILL face many troubles…” We can known the Word exhaustively but if we don’t allow it to be “alive and active” in our lives impacting our beliefs and behavior (our choice) then again we always fall back to our default setting.

The thing we need to do most, spend time with God, the enemy guilts us into believing God doesn’t want anything to do with us and won’t forgive us so we isolate ourselves from Him. This is the critical point. Are we willing to come as we are and be real with God and ourselves. One thing the Church has done poorly over the centuries is not allowing people to be real. The Bible is all about human failure and our need for a Savior. Not rules over relationsip but a relationship in which the rules are there to guide us and keep us from being hopelessly lost.