It’s Not About You

lm 6:6(NLT)

I am worn out from sobbing.
All night I flood my bed with weeping,
drenching it with my tears.

When was the last time something so broke your heart that you wept? When was the last time that happened and it had nothing to do with your life but to someone you didn’t even know? Has it ever happened? Are we so consumed with self preservation that we don’t care about the hurting people not just in horrific circumstances in our world where a picture tells the story but also those all around us who look fine on the outside but are hurting and hopeless on the inside?

Does what breaks God’s heart break yours? Do you even know what breaks God’s heart? Stop. Look around and then look up and ask God to reveal to you what breaks his heart and then be his voice, his touch, his hope and his love to the person or circumstance he shows you.